New Collegiate Footlockers

Posted: March 10, 2011 in New Arrivals..."Be the First to Know"
This Classic Footlocker, with your favorite Mascot and Collegiate Colors,
is reminiscent of the vintage college trunks.
The decorative-style and artwork are amazingly unique!
For your “House-Divided” … You will certainly want two!
Great for Tailgating, Reunions, Den Coffee Tables, Picnics, and Watch Parties for all ages,
from Pre-School to High School, College to Alumni, and Beyond!
A creative Holiday gift – especially filled with other Passionately Rivalicious surprises! 
Size: 30 x 15 ¾ x 12 ¼    Standard Footlocker Size 
1/4″ Wooden Construction, Heavy Gauge Vinyl, Color Coordinated High Impact Styrene Binding, Nickel Plated Hardware, Easy Open Push Button Key Lock, 2 Plastic Handles with a Set of Rolling Wheels, Dust & Moisture Resistant Tongue & Groove Closure

Check out our entire Family of Footlockers at the link below


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