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FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011

Are you ready for some football? And a GIVEAWAY??

If you love football as much as I do, you are going to LOVE this giveaway.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of chatting with Linda and Randi (mother and daughter) ofPassionately Rivalicious.  These ladies have teamed up with me to give away two gift certificates,yes TWO of you will have the chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Passionately Rivalicious, The Collegiate Clothing Boutique for Women & Children!!  They offer items from over 25 colleges — from the Big 12, SEC, and more.

Here is how to enter to WIN:

  • Become a follower of my blog and comment on this post telling me the team you cheer for… (1 entry)
  • Visit the Passionately Rivalicious website by clicking here
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  • Comment on their facebook status telling them what team you are cheering for this season (1 entry)

It’s that simple, and you have three chances to WIN!  Now, let me show you some of the items I love that they offer!

Being the Mississippi State fan that I am…

This cute dress is perfect for the hot tailgating days that are ahead.  Pair it with some cowboy boots and you’re set!  I love, Love, LOVE flip flops and these are adorable!!  A must have to finish out the summer!

And if I had a little girl — she would be wearing this to cheer on the dawgs!

Now, I can’t leave out my friends who are fans of “other” teams… but, you’ll have to check out their website to see the items they offer for your team of choice.  =)

What are you waiting for???  Comment, like and let’s hear who you are cheering for!!  Entries are welcome through Tuesday at noon.  The two winners will be picked from that afternoon and announced soon after!  Good Luck!!



Passionately Rivalicious Groupon

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Media

The Groupon is “LIVE” $25 FOR $50 worth of College Apparel for Women & Children from Passionately Rivalicious!

Here is the link & click on Passionately Rivalicious!

Happy Shopping!

With Spirit – Passionately Rivalicious

Tragedy brings the Tigers & Tide Together! Read this well written commentary from Gene with Prayers continue for all that were touched by this horrible natural disaster. Roll Tide & War Eagle!


It isn’t a rivalry. Ohio State-Michigan is a rivalry. USC-UCLA is a rivlary. Texas-Oklahoma is a rivalry.

Alabama Tornado

Jessica McGowan/Getty Images
The tornado that hit Tuscaloosa was estimated to be a mile wide.

Alabama-Auburn is an all-consuming football holy war. It is more primal, more organic and more self-defining than anything else in college sports. It’s forgotten more about intensity and an addiction to bragging rights than, say, Florida-Florida State or West Virginia-Pitt will ever know.

Forget about table manners; it doesn’t have any. It also doesn’t care what you think … especially what a Yankee thinks. It is unabashedly and unapologetically over the top in a jump-the-shark, provincial kind of way.

Babies are taught to say “Roll Tide,” or “War Eagle” at the same time they learn, “Mommy” or “Daddy” — maybe earlier. The entire state counts the days — each and every one of them — until the annual, season-ending Iron Bowl is played. And then they start over again.

“The best thing about this game is also the worst thing about this game,” said then-Auburn equipment manager Frank Cox in the definitive Tide versus Tigers book, “A War In Dixie.” “It’s too important to too many people.”

And then last Wednesday a monstrous, unforgiving band of killer tornadoes dragged their funnel spouts through parts of the South, including Tuscaloosa, home of the Bama campus. Now almost nothing, most of all a football game, seems too important anymore.

They called it a natural disaster, but there wasn’t anything natural about the carnage and despair the hundreds of twisters caused. Wind speeds on the most vicious tornadoes reached about 200 miles per hour — or more than 85 mph faster than what Kyle Busch averaged to win a NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Richmond on Saturday.

Entire neighborhoods were pulled apart like cotton balls. Houses vanished. Cars were flicked away. Forty of the 236 Alabamans who lost their lives last week were in Tuscaloosa — the latest victim a 22-year-old student from UA. More than 300 people in the city are unaccounted for.

The figures change each day. And in a heartwarming and wonderful way, so does the relationship between those who wear Bama crimson and those who wear Auburn blue and orange.

There is no war in Dixie. A football game pulled two football nations apart. Tragedy has brought them together.

Late last week, a 70-person Auburn contingent including coach Gene Chizik, players and administrators traveled in two waves to the Birmingham area — a Bama stronghold — to assist with the relief effort. They weren’t dressed to the nines in Auburn gear. They didn’t burn up their Twitter or Facebook accounts with updates. It was just 70 Auburn folks trying to help those in need.

Chizik did the same sort of thing when he coached at Iowa State. When a tornado tore through little Parkersburg, Iowa, in 2008, Chizik and about 30 players and staff members drove unannounced to the town.

The devastation throughout Alabama and five other southern states could melt a heart made of dry ice. But then you stumble across Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa on Facebook and you discover the goodness of those at Auburn and beyond.

Toomer’s Corner is the legendary gathering place for Tigers fans after an Auburn victory. And Toomer’s Trees are its signature landmark. No trees have been draped in more celebratory toilet paper than those oaks.

When a Bama nut job recently poisoned the trees, Crimson Tide fans expressed their disgust with the chemical sabotage mission and created a fund to save or replant the oaks. The simple gesture of sympathy didn’t go unappreciated by Auburn followers.

Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa is a simple idea too: provide a human chain of support and relief for those tornado victims whose stories of loss make you want to sit on a curb and cry.

A young mother needs clothes to wear to her children’s funeral.

A triage center needs blankets for its injured patients.

Alabama Tornado Relief

AP Photo/Dave MartinDonations to the ravaged areas have come in from all over the state and country.

A call for prom dresses goes out — just so a devastated high school and its senior girls can have a moment’s worth of normalcy.

There are diaper drives. Food drives. Fundraisers. The Auburn University Psychological Services Center has provided a hotline number.

Buy a houndstooth magnet in support of the tornado victims. Buy an “A United — Two teams. One State” T-shirt and a chunk of the sales proceeds go to a relief fund.

Auburn alum Charles Barkley flew to Birmingham to personally thank volunteers and Red Cross workers. And the highways don’t lack for relief trucks and cars making the nearly three-hour drive from Auburn to Tuscaloosa.

In a show of solidarity, the Tigers’ baseball team wore state of Alabama stickers on the back of their batting helmets last weekend. When the Auburn and Bama baseball teams play each other this weekend at AU, count on a collection fund. And count on Auburn fans happily reaching into their wallets to help.

Chizik and Bama coach Nick Saban stood side by side on the stage of Radio City Music Hall on Thursday as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell asked for a moment of silence in honor of the tornado victims. They were joined by the likes of Auburn’s Cam Newton and Nick Fairley and Bama’s Mark Ingram, Julio Jones and Marcell Dareus.

“We will move mountains to help each other,” wrote a woman named Pam Crawley on the Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa site. “We are family — father, mother, sister and brother. Thank God we live in such a great state. Where people give their all no matter what it takes.

“Roll Eagle and War Tide.”

It would be nice if the truce between these two programs would last long after the Red Cross trailers leave. Or at the worst, if the unhealthy holy war was downgraded to a healthy rivalry. But it probably won’t happen.

Too bad. The Tigers and the Tide have more in common than they’d like to admit.

It’s called the state of Alabama.

Gene Wojciechowski is the senior national columnist for You can contact him at Hear Gene’s podcasts and ESPN Radio appearances by clicking here. And don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @GenoEspn.

Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Media

Standing Together for a Worthy Cause

This group has been formed by Auburn fans to help those hit by the tornado in Tuscaloosa as well as other areas around the state.
General Information
We are going to start by organizing groups of Auburn fans to go to Tuscaloosa to clean up this weekend. Those who cannot make it will be organized to help in other hard hit areas. A donation fund will be set up for those who can’t make it and details will be posted ASAP.
To help Tuscaloosa and her residents recover from the devastating tornado on April, 27 2011. We will also be helping set up efforts in other areas hit hard by tornadoes.

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The Miss University of Arkansas Scholarship Pageant was held on February 12, 2011 in the University of Arkansas Ballroom. The 22 girls that participated this year were interested in competing in or supporting the Miss University of Arkansas Scholarship Preliminary! This forty-year tradition is back on campus and the winner of this pageant will compete in Miss Arkansas and potentially Miss America! With a great scholarship and prize package and the opportunity to represent the premier University in Arkansas!

Passionately Rivalicious was honored to be one of the Sponsors for the Pageant this year and we Congratulate all of the women on doing a great job!

A special Congratulations to Kacey Keefe who was crowned the 2011 Miss University of Arkansas!


Thanks to all of our Passionately Rivalicious Fans that sent us videos from this past weekends challenge!

We absolutely LOVE every single one of them and can’t wait to share them with you!

Weekend Challenge!

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Media
Bay Area Visit Feb 2011

Image by whitperson via Flickr

Hey Passionately Rivalicious Fans! We have a Weekend Challenge for you! Hopefully, all of the ice and snow is gone where you are, and you are anxiously awaiting the weekend! Grab your Flip, Camera, or Smart Phone… We want videos! Videos of how much you love your favorite University! Show us who, what, where, and why you love (insert favorite college)! Make your video 30 secs to 2 min long and we will spotlight your videos on our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Blog, & YouTube Channel. Make it Fun, Funny, & Creative! Who knows… it may go viral! You and your friends could be the next YouTube Sensation! Send your videos to us at On your mark… set… go! Shoot & Send!

Passionately Rivalicious is ecstatic that Yahoo News has highlighted Passionately Rivalicious in their Business Section online. Thank you to Yahoo and all of our friends & family that are helping us spread the word about Passionately Rivalicious!

Delightfully Unique e-Commerce Business, Passionately Rivalicious: The Collegiate Clothing Boutique for Women and Children Goes “LIVE”

While many manufacturers focus only on the male fan, Passionately Rivalicious, LLC provides specialty fashionable collegiate apparel for women and children, with a true passion for giving back to 21 showcased NCAA colleges and universities, and their communities.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) February 21, 2011

As fans celebrate the past NCAA college football season, March Madness begins. With baseball, volleyball, softball, soccer, track & field, and other sports ever-present throughout the year, the truly passionate college sports fan wears team colors every season and many of college sports’ most enthusiastic supporters are women and children. Although collegiate apparel has come a long way, most college-themed clothing for women still leaves something to be desired for the fashion-minded fan. Selections for young girls, boys, and babies are limited for parents who also want their kids to show their school spirit. What is a passionate family of fans to do?

Can “fan” and “fashion” ever meet? Yes … a delightfully unique e-commerce business, Passionately Rivalicious: The Collegiate Clothing Boutique for Women and Children, goes “LIVE” and definitely has the answer!

Passionately Rivalicious ( creatively offers that something special for fans to show their spirit, to “dress-it”, and to wear the best! Founded by a Mother-Daughter team from Dallas, Texas, who love college athletics, their four-generation family represents several college rivalries as they hail from nine universities. The Passionately Rivalicious Co-Founders strive for clothing and accessory excellence with the finest in fabrics, design, and style. Passionately Rivalicious Fans are genuinely rivalicious, proudly displaying a
year-round wardrobe of collegiate colors for themselves and their family!

From classic logo spaghetti strap dresses and logo t-shirts with Swarovski Crystals to strapless dresses in school colors, Passionately Rivalicious offers a wide variety of choices for women. Children’s clothing includes hand-smocked bubbles, jon jons, bishop and jumper dresses, embroidered skorts and shorts, cotton pant and t-shirt sets, and hand-tied tutu sets with team colors and logos. Rivalicious fans celebrate the styles and non-profit silent auctions receive enthusiastic support for these specialty items.

Customers can accessorize with flip-flops, bags, bracelets, and even lip moisturizer. Passionately Rivalicious is committed to offering the finest in fabrics, workmanship, quality, and style. Passionately Rivalicious provides unique college-wear that is appropriate for a trip to the stadium or arena, a watch-party with friends, or simply walking around town. The adorable collegiate nap mats, footlockers, and house-divided mats are a huge success at philanthropic events.

While currently focusing on the Big XII and SEC Conferences, plus TCU, Clemson, and SMU, Passionately Rivalicious plans to expand to other conferences in 2011. Customers are welcome to submit a request for a specific university via an online form. In addition, the company has launched a Custom Colors offering, where high schools, colleges, and universities can select their favorite designs and fabrics in their team colors. Passionately Rivalicious is the perfect place for Dads, Husbands, Brothers, and Boyfriends to shop for those special rivalicious gifts for Moms, Wives, Sisters, Girlfriends, and Toddlers.

Shop passionately from your home or office! With great pride, Passionately Rivalicious spotlights classic, specialty, and generational apparel as The Collegiate Clothing Boutique for Women and Children. Enjoy the website at and celebrate university, high school, and community events with Passionately Rivalicious on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and YouTube.

About Passionately Rivalicious

Passionately Rivalicious, LLC is a delightfully unique e-commerce Collegiate Clothing Boutique for Women and Children. Representing 21 NCAA universities and colleges, Passionately Rivalicious specializes in high-quality, unique collegiate clothing and accessories for women and children, with a philanthropic spirit of supporting universities and communities.

Passionately Rivalicious, LLC
The Collegiate Clothing Boutique for Women & Children
Email: info(at)passionatelyrivalicious(dot)com