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Here is a sneak peek from our segment on UATV’s “View from the Hill” from the University of Arkansas! Stay tuned for pictures and videos to be posted tomorrow!

We would like to thank the following Passionately Rivalicious Moms & Dads, Kids, and Collegiates for all of their support, friendship, enthusiasm, and Razorback Spirit!

Moms & Dads
Amanda & Kennedy
Brandi & Callie / Lillie
Dana & Cooper
Randi & Lilly
Rebekah & Cilla
Tiffany & Kennedy
Zack & Noah
Kelly & Harper – We Missed You!

University of Arkansas Freshmen
Amy & Cara
Shelby – Broadcast Journalism Major

A Special Thank You goes to Shelby, Rebecca, and Paige for our Passionately Rivalicious appearance on UATV’s “View from the Hill”!!! We had so much fun!!!